Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

A small break between our thanksgiving stretchy pants and Halloween candy has us craving healthy but satisfying snack options.

These pumpkin muffins are made with Heritage Vanilla Yogurt and sweetened with maple syrup.. the perfect pair with your morning coffee! Make sure to freeze them or eat them up within a day or two for maximum deliciousness. (more…)

Oat Apple Spice Muffins

These Oat Apple Spice Muffins taste like fall! They are hearty and filling and taste of light apple and warming spices.  They are filled with the goodness of rolled oats, Grass Fed Heritage Milk and Yogurt and topped with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.  This recipe makes 20 muffins. We love to freeze them, and eat them freshly warmed up with a generous smear of butter.


Strawberry Yogurt & Oat Muffins


It’s strawberry season! After visiting our local Strawberry Farm we needed to recipe test and create a new recipe. These healthy Strawberry Yogurt & Oat Muffins are delicious, sweetened only with Maple Syrup and loaded with fresh strawberries.


Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins

A good banana muffin is a staple at our house. With the addition of chocolate? Well, that’s a no brainer! These muffins are made with 5 bananas, our grass-fed heritage yogurt and butter, and some pumpkin pie spice gives it just the right flavour. (more…)

Lunch Box Muffins

Lunch Box Muffins! These muffins are loaded with goodness. Banana, apple, zucchini, carrots, beets and blueberry! They are heavy on the spices and pack a punch. Add them to your weekly meal prep for the perfect school or work lunch addition! Bonus: They freeze really well!


Orange Cranberry Yogurt Muffins

Left over cranberries from the holidays in your freezer? Use them in these yummy Orange Cranberry Yogurt Muffins! So good served still warm with a generous spread of butter.

They are topped with additional cranberries, an orange slice and an extra sprinkle of sugar giving them the perfect muffin top. This recipe makes 10 large muffins. We like to bake only 6 muffins at a time to allow them to rise with out baking into each other.


One Bowl Mixed Berry Muffins

Sunday mornings are often chaos around the farm when we are trying to get kids (and husbands coming in from the barn) out the door for church or family events. This quick and easy one bowl muffin recipe is a go-to and always a crowd pleaser.