Heritage Butter

Grass-Fed Heritage Butter Unsalted

Available Sizes: 250 grams

We make our butter with a higher than average butterfat percentage so you can enjoy a richer and creamier butter. In addition, our special grass-fed diet makes this unsalted butter more flavourful and it performs better in baking and cooking applications.

Grass-Fed Heritage Butter Sea Salted

Available Sizes: 250 grams

Made with 84% butterfat, which is more butterfat than most, our butter has more flavour. The addition of sea salt further enhances the taste of our butter. Not only does our butter taste better, but the Grass Fed diet also makes our butter higher in Omega 3 and CLAs.

What People Say About Donia

our family loves the Donia Farms Grass-Fed Sea Salted Butter because of its rich flavour and consistent quality. Nothing else quite compares with Donia products!

Jocelyn, Surrey B.C

I love to use Donia Farms milk for my morning lattes. It foams up the best and is so silky. It is by far the best milk for my lattes and my art is improving every day! I really like the yogurt as well, no sugar added is king for me, and the flavour is really nice

Peter, Surrey B.C

I am a senior and enjoy going for long walks every day. I love the rich creamy chocolate milk and appreciate the wholesome natural ingredients. I making chocolate matcha lattes and take one with me on my walks. Thanks for the great product.

Andrea, North Vancouver B.C.

I love Donia Farms products and I’m thankful and fortunate that I’m able to find Donia Farms products easily in Kamloops. The rich and creamy flavour of the milk, yogurt and butter are delicious.

Rohini, Kamloops B.C.

I have a little girl that loves the Vanilla yogurt. We buy a new container every week. It isn’t too sweet which I like but it has enough sweetness that she loves it.

Chantal, Mission B.C

I LOVE your milk even though they have a container twice the size I need, I buy it anyways. The milk always lasts a lot longer than the “expiry” date.

Wendy, White Rock B.C.

As a mother of 3, I love the vanilla yogurt!! It’s low in sugar and still sweet enough for our kids!

Danielle, Chilliwack B.C.

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You’ll notice a difference in taste immediately with our grass-fed milk. Nothing else will compare.


You want better yogurt. That is why we make ours with milk from grass-fed cows.


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Looking for the best tasting butter? Our butter tastes better because it is made with more fat (84%)

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