Our Family Farm

Heritage Value
Modern Farming

We offer products that taste great and provide a connection back to the farm. Farming sustainably is something you expect and has given us longevity over three generations. We have maintained a dedication and passion for our cows and the land we farm throughout the years.

Sustainable Farming

As you try to be more sustainable, so do we. To get the most out of our land, we use manure from our cows as the main source of fertilizer. Our only sources of irrigation are rainfall and recycled water. We will reuse water in four different ways in other applications before using it for irrigation.

The better stewards we are of the land, the more longevity our farm will have.

The Donia Farms Story

Our Farm’s Philosophy

From the day “Pake” (Grandpa) started the farm, attention to detail has been high on our priority list. Whether we’re painting fences, feeding animals, or planting crops, we take great care to ensure everything is done right.

It is passion and dedication that are at the heart of our philosophy. We strive to ensure that the animals we care for daily with passion. That our cows are comfortable and healthy. Developing an environment around them that promotes comfort and eliminates stress.

Our philosophy towards the land is to farm our land for another 100 years, choosing wise, sustainable practices. Nourishing our farmland with organics first, considering the environment around us.

We work hard to ensure that the farm stays neat and tidy with a sense of pride. We do this by cleaning the outside of the barn and washing the machinery regularly. We must create a clean environment so that the food we produce has a clean start. We are a part of a beautiful community, and we want to reflect that beauty with a clean farm.

All of what we do surrounding the farm is done to help the cow.

To us, she is the most important asset on the farm. Her health and well-being are what we work to keep, and that takes passion and dedication to ensure. e local, sustainable and committed to quality on the farm.

Across Generations

We have been continuously family-run since 1955. Each generation has built on the foundation of the past. Today, the third generation is leading the farm, surrounded by a team of professional cow-care-givers. Each generation has embodied the founding philosophies of attention to detail, excellent cow care, and a duty to nurture our land.

Stan & Patricia

Stan and Patricia are easing into retirement. Stan is still involved around the farm. Patricia has been doing the farm’s bookkeeping but is now dedicating more time to her garden.

Jonathan & Kelsi

Jonathan and Kelsi have two girls and two boys. With the support of Kelsi, Jonathan leads a team of professionals to provide everything involved in the care and wellbeing of our cows.

David & Andi

David and Andi have two boys and one to arrive soon. David leads a team that manages the farm’s business operations and branded products. Andi is the creator of most of our recipes.

Nico & Desiree

Nico and Desiree have three girls and and one to arrive soon. Nico leads a team that maintains the mechanical operations of the dairy farm and the team that farms the land to grow the feed for our cows.

Exclusive Donia Products


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