Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

The perfect make-ahead dessert for your next BBQ! Or a crowd-pleaser to have ready in your freezer. Bonus – These Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Sandwiches are a dish-free dessert… because who wants to clean up even more dishes after the party.



  • 1 recipe Twice Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Freeze after cooling.
  • Pint of your favourite ice cream. We love making these with vanilla ice cream, but cookie dough and chocolate will not disappoint!

ProTip: When making your cookies, be sure to use a cookie to make the same size cookies. When you mould them before baking, be sure they are as symmetrical as possible to make picture-perfect sandwiches.


Using frozen cookies, sandwich your favourite ice cream in the middle. Flatten and mould ice cream to the edges with a spoon.

Best enjoyed at a bbq on a summer day!




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