Heritage Yogurt – Natural

Our Heritage Yogurt is made with non-separated whole milk from our grass-fed cows. Simple, Wholesome ingredients go into our minimally processed yogurt for a rich and creamy quality you can taste.

Nutritional Facts

Grass-Fed Heritage Yogurt - 4% M.F.

Milk, Bacteria Cultures, Galacto-Oligosaccharides**

** Galacto-Oligosaccharide is a dietary fibre derived from milk sugar. It helps maintenance of gut flora and adds the sweet finishing flavour to our yogurt

Grass Fed Milk (2%)

You will love our 2% milk.  Enjoy it in a tall glass on its own, in a bowl with your favourite cereal, or in a recipe. One thing is for sure no matter how it’s enjoyed our grass-fed milk you’ll never want any other milk.

Nutritional Facts

Grass-Fed Milk (2%)

Partly skimmed milk, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3

Grass Fed Milk (3.25%)

Our 3.25% is as good of a match for your kids as it is for your latte. You’ll not only enjoy the notable creamy taste of our grass-fed silage free diet, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of higher CLA and more Omega 3s.

Nutritional Facts

Grass-Fed Milk (3.25%)

Whole milk, Vitamin D3

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Sea Salted Grass Fed Butter

Our sea-salted butter is 84% butterfat. The extra butterfat gives it that extra creamy flavour profile when you pair that with the sea salt that we add and the grass-fed diet we feed you’ll never want another butter.

Nutritional Facts

Grass-Fed Butter (Sea Salted)

Cream, (Milk), Sea Salt

Unsalted Grass Fed Butter

Our unsalted butter is 84% butterfat for an extra creamy taste and grass-fed silage free diet we feed our cows give it a one of a kind flavour profile.


Nutritional Facts




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