Have you ever read or heard a headline, seen an advert, or listened to a story and thought do farmers really do that? The reality is that 99% of the time its a false claim designed to attract attention, with very little to no attention to facts, truth or contexts. Admittedly there are times we are disappointed with the actions of one of our colleagues in our global industry.  More often we are proud of the thousands of farmers across the world that work diligently to provide you with the actual necessities of life, food.

Dairy Farmers have couple priorities: the welling being of our animal, that we are producing safe and nutritious milk, that our fields are productive today as well as into the future, and that our farm business is profitable.

We often think of farms as farms and not businesses. That may have been the case hundreds of years ago, but today every single human being in the developed world relies on a farmer to produce the food that sustains their life. That reliance created a business, and like any other business, demands to produce products cheaper and cheaper has been relentless. When an expectation of a farm is formed it often has a cost, Donia Farms supports 25 families with employment, we have a responsibility to make decisions that make us financially sustainable.

One of the many ways that we can ensure that our farm is profitable and will continue to support our family and the families of our employees is to use proper farming practices. Crop production is an essential element to the long term sustainability of our operation, the crops that we produce are used to feed our cows, so we need the best for them. We have the philosophy that we need to maximise the efficiency of each acre, protect the environment around us, and ensure that we steadily improve our soil health. Sustainable farming and ensuring that we have productive land into the future is a fundamental priority of a Dairy Farmer. Our Farm and most in Canada are generational, what my grandfather did the ground has a direct influence on our lands ability produce the high-quality forage we need today.  What we do today will directly impact our kids and grandkids.

Often activistic groups or misinformed people think that farmers do not care about our animal. Nothing can be further from the truth, ask a farmer what his passion is, and most will rank their cows close to their own kids, or higher. The health of our cows is paramount! Without healthy cows, we won’t be able to produce milk, we wouldn’t have a livelihood. We work extremely closely with veterinarians and our nutritionist to make sure that each cow’s needs are met. When was the last time you consulted with a nutritionist to create a balanced diet for yourself, this is something we do weekly for our animals. We purchase or grow the best feeds we can to ensure that can build nutritious diets that promote healthy cows. We provide the most comfortable environment, so she is free from stress. We view our cows as professional athletes, we will give them the best we can so that they can perform to the top of their abilities. We take care of their every need so they can concentrate on producing healthy milk.

Lastly, we take a lot of pride in the milk that we produce, we are not going to ship anything off our farm unless it is safe and healthy.

Most farmers don’t think about this but to be a farmer you: care about feeding the world, listen to the weatherman and preacher with the same enthusiasm, must be committed, and love cows so much your deal with their manure daily.