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Browned Butter Plums & Yogurt

Category: Breakfast
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Serves: 2

We were recently gifted an abundance of plums! So much we aren’t sure what to do with them all. I tried something different and tossed the plumbs in brown butter to use as a yogurt topper. And it was so good! It tasted like the transition from summer to fall.

The best part of this recipe is that its super easy and just 4 ingredients! We do not add any sugar to this recipe, and I think it pairs so well with our no sugar added vanilla yogurt!  The sweetness of the plumbs and the caramel taste of the browned butter is enough.

1 cup

Plums, sliced

1 Tbsp

Donia Farms Sea Salted Butter



Donia Farms Vanilla Yogurt

  1. In a small pan, brown the butter. Once browned, add in the cinnamon. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the plums, tossing to coat. I like to leave the plumbs on the hot pan to warm.

    To a bowl add our Vanilla Yogurt. Top with the plums and drizzle with any remaining brown butter from the pan. Enjoy!

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