As many of you know in visiting our website or social media platforms, we are a family farm, passionate about what we do. The farm was founded in 1955 and until 2013 we were unable to link what we did on our farm to a product on the shelf. That changed in 2013, we decided that we wanted to put our name on some products so that we could link our story and what we do, to a product consumers could get behind.

Urban consumers today are very disconnected from a farm. The millennial, most urban baby boomers, and especially Gen Xers have never been on a farm or met a farmer. That disconnect has created a multitude of misconceptions about what happens on a farm, the priorities of a farmer, and the positive changes modernization has had. These misconceptions are not merely the fault of the consumer but more to the failure of farmers. We have not told a good story and let the loud voices of the activistic groups fill the minds of consumers with false information or finding the worst of our industry and painting the entire industry with that brush.

The Donia Farms brand was started as a platform to educate and inform consumers what happens on a farm. To reconnect the consumer with the farm again. We decided to be open with what happens on a modern commercial dairy farm, tell our story about what we do, even though we aren’t much different than any other modern dairy. We hope that these articles will be an engaging way to share what, indeed happens on a farm, what we prioritize, and why we do the things we do. We will open up a comment section to engage in constructive dialogue with those that are eager to constructively rebut our views and methods of farming. If you have a topic that you would like us to cover, please email us at