Donia’s Philosophy

From the day “Pake” (Grandpa) started the farm, attention to detail has been high on our priority list. Whether we’re painting fences, feeding animals, or planting crops, we take great care to make sure everything is done right. We’re local, sustainable and committed to quality and trust on the farm and in the community.

It is passion and dedication that are at the heart of our philosophy. With passion, we strive to ensure that the animals we care for daily are comfortable and healthy by developing an environment around them that promotes comfort and eliminates stress.

This is also our philosophy towards the land that we farm. We want to ensure that we can farm our land for another 100 years, choosing wise, sustainable practices. Nourishing our farmland with organics first, being considerate of the environment around us.

With a sense of pride, we work hard to ensure that the farm stays neat and tidy. We do this by cleaning the outside of the barn often and washing the machinery regularly. To us, it is important that we create a clean environment so that the food we produce has a clean start. We are a part of a beautiful community, and we want to reflect that beauty with a clean farm.

All of what we do surrounding the farm is done to help the cow. To us, she is the most important asset on the farm. Her health and well-being are what we work to keep, and that takes passion and dedication to ensure.

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Donia Farms Barns

You can see two of the three barns that house our cows. The barn on the far right is the milking barn where the cows get milked.

Donia Farms Field Shot

This milk can is a tribute to how milk was transported when Pake (grandpa) started farming.

Donia Farms Canning

Home-canned peaches have been a staple dessert for us while growing up.