The milk cows are housed in a barn specially designed for the fresh sea-breeze to blow through year round. On warm days the cows can sun on the patio, and on cool days, the curtains are drawn to keep heat in. Fun fact – on rainy days, we make sure that no cows are stuck outside.

Each calf on the farm has his or her own space. This promotes a safe and healthy environment to grow and play. No calf can be bullied away from its food! Once a calf is 3 months old, they graduate from single pens to a group pen with calves of similar age and size.

If you have driven by the farm you have probably noticed the black Friesian horses in the pasture. These animals were Pake’s pride and joy. Even in his retirement from the dairy, he needed animals to care for!

Caring for cattle

Sergio (left) and Ricardo (right) in the milking parlor relaxing while the cows stand quietly getting milked.

Cow in the field

Our two resident water buffalo enjoying some green fall grass in the pasture while one of the Holsteins comes to join them.


Alejandro feeding a group of cows their specially formulated diet. We feed over 100,000 pounds of feed a day to the entire herd of cows and bulls.