Modern dairy farms focus on cow comfort and providing our cows with low-stress environments. Barn design and use are aiding in creating a comfortable environment for our cows. Modern dairy barns allow the cow free access to feed and water. The barns are designed to keep the air flowing, so it’s fresh. We have beds that are comfortable and clean. With our barns, we can also protect our cows from the adverse weather, and any other threat to them.

Free Movement

Our barns are set up to allow the cow to walk around freely. At any time, each cow can get water, feed or lie down in a bed; all her needs are available to her. Each of our cows has its own place to lay down and get food. Within the herd, you’ll have some hierarchy and some cows that are bullies. We will have individual stalls for each cow to lie down in so that there is no competition for a place to lay down. We have a similar set up by the feed, we have individual spaces where each cow can get access to feed.


Much like you and I, our cows, appreciate a cozy place to rest. Cows will spend most of their day lying down relaxing. They will only sleep for up to 4 hours a day, but the resting period is mostly when a cow ruminates. Also, while lying down blood flow increases to the udder, so ample resting time is essential for udder health. Our beds or stalls are set up so each cow has their individuals space to lye, and in the barn, there are enough stalls for all cows. We use sand as bedding for them, it provides cushion for them and supports good hygiene. Clean and dry beds are essential in keeping our cows comfortable and healthy.

Fresh Air

Our barns are set up with high roofs and open-sides to promote air movement, all our barns have a large vent on the peak to exhaust warm air. Cows like dry and cooler conditions, they can adjust to heat, but it causes unneeded stress to them. Throughout the year, we have fans moving the air, pushing out stale air and replacing it with fresh air. Being located close to the ocean, the natural ocean breeze also helps move fresh air through the barn.


The vast majority of our barns have patios, which is a small area outside the barn our cows can enjoy the weather.

The goal of the barn is to create a consistent environment that alleviates all the cow’s worries. Having our cows housed in our barns, we can deliver a nutritious diet to them daily. We can protect them from the changing weather and provide them with comfortable dry beds to relax in. In the summer heat, we can keep them shaded and cool with a fresh breeze, yet allow them to enjoy the sun on the patios when they want.

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