Donia Farms simply could not operate if we were not sustainable. We live off of the land our farm is on. If we didn’t care for it, we would not have a home or a business. All the manure produced by our animals is spread on the land that grows our crops. The nutrients help to grow nutritious food for the animals to eat – everything comes full-circle. We are always looking for ways to improve our land so that it remains fruitful and healthy for many years to come.

We use up all of our organic sources of fertilizer to help our crops grow. This includes chicken manure and our own cow manure. We do not use any pesticides as we help control pests and weeds by rotating our crops between corn and grass.

Shot of the field with the Donia Farms barns in the background

This is one of our fields where we grow corn. In the background you can see our heifer (young cows) barn, which we call Moo-Town.

John Deere tractor