Apple Cheddar Scone

These scones are simple to make and are great for breakfast or with soup for lunch! Our favourite is to use a combo of white and orange cheddar with ambrosia apples, but a combination of your favourite hard cheeses will also be delicious.



Modern dairy farms focus on cow comfort and providing our cows with low-stress environments. Barn design and use are aiding in creating a comfortable environment for our cows. Modern dairy barns allow the cow free access to feed and water. The barns are designed to keep the air flowing, so it’s fresh. We have beds that are comfortable and clean. With our barns, we can also protect our cows from the adverse weather, and any other threat to them.

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

You can’t beat a hearty and creamy chicken noodle soup! Its loaded with chicken, veggies and orzo, and finished with our milk and cheddar cheese. The secret sneaky ingredient to this soup is a pack of Liptons Chicken Noodle Soup!